My Philosophy

Music and pianism is a very personal and emotional art.  The most important thing is to love and to live music.  Through that, you learn how to care about the work that we do in music and what we are trying to communicate through music.  Students should appreciate the responsibility of sharing the same art as Bach, Mozart, Chopin, to name but a few.  This is a privilege, to recreate masterworks by some of the greatest geniuses that have enlightened humankind in the past centuries.  Every piano student, no matter how humble, becomes involved in their artistic knowledge of which the common saying holds truth, “To understand is to equal”.  We as teachers and artists are also involved in sharing the understanding of the passion and precision of our inspirational endeavor. We must care enough to demonstrate, explain, and lead through examples.

I enjoy working with students. It is fascinating for me to work with different characters, different backgrounds and different temperaments.  However, what interests me the most is exploring, instilling, and developing the musical expression within each one of my students, within their own individuality, their innate character.  As students, you are traveling on the musical journey that I have traveled, and one which myself, as your teacher, continue to travel on.  Great artists never stop learning; and through the various aspects of continued artistic growth, we all travel together in the process of becoming.

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